Breathwork Fundamental

Relieve Yourself, Achieve Yourself!

With our fundamental breathwork course, you’ll first get to experience deep healing breathwork sessions and you get to learn the power of healing and heart-based healing. We will then take you on a path of self-discovery and you can learn how to hold one on one breathwork and healing heart work sessions and transform lives.

We will also introduce you to “Ha” breath which is the breath of life. This breathwork technique can be used in all sessions including one on one sessions, couples’ sessions, workshops, and retreats as well. After you’ve participated in all modules, you will then get a practicing certificate based on your own set amount of practice. You’ll be insured to hold your own sessions, retreats, and workshops as a result.

We also encourage you to join our private online Facebook group where you can learn from other facilitators and share your own experiences and knowledge as well.     

Nalu massage training offers you an opportunity to be an agent of change and help other people make their lives better. If you’re wondering, how to be a certified massage therapist, look no further. All our courses are certified, and you can get certified through them! You can bring joy and fulfillment into the lives of many people through breathwork and watching someone heal through you will be the most fulfilling thing in your life. We can promise you that!

 Knowing some basic breathwork techniques can be a massive help in transforming our own lives. Although there are some more complex types of breathwork for more complex stress management, some fundamental exercises can be good for you too.

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Breathwork Techniques
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What is Breathwork?

Breathwork refers to any breathing techniques that can be helpful in stress management and healing. There are numerous types of breathworks known at the moment. It affects the parasympathetic nervous system, which slows down our heartbeat and creates a sense of calm. There are various types of breathwork as it is an ancient technique that has had a lot of time to develop. All these different types of techniques are used for various types of healing. You can learn more about these by signing up for our course.

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How Breathwork Helps:

Breathwork activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This system is naturally a part of our brain that activates in instances of danger to protect ourselves. It introduces calm into our mind in case of high anxiety. By activating this, it is easier to manage emotions like anger, and pain and it may even help with chronic pain and depression. Your mental health is directly affected by how often you practice breathwork. How often you should do breathwork depends entirely on your psychological state and physical state. Guided breathwork can help release the trauma and pain stored in our hearts. It is important to have a trustworthy environment for this. We can provide that environment and we can help you in learning how to create such a haven for yourself and others around you too.

How It Works:

What Breathwork Can Do For You?

We offer retreats in beautiful locations to aid you in taking a moment away from the hassles of busy days and just healing yourself at the moment for the duration. Some features and exercises included are:

  • 1. Self-Awareness:

    When you are calm it is easier to understand your thoughts one by one instead of just dealing with them in haste while they are clustered. Breathwork for beginners course can help you achieve this.

  • 2. Positive Self-Development:

    By understanding the things that are bringing the negative energy into you and your body, you can overcome them more easily and in an effective manner through healing breathwork in our fundamentals course.

  • 3. Improved Relationships:

    Storing stress and negativity inside and not being able to work it out can be stressful not only for you but also for the people that you love and are close to. So, when you let go of the negative energy, there is only room for love and more understanding for others. Using Breathwork and massage to heal yourself can improve your relationships with others as well.

  • 4. Better Understanding of Yourself and Others Around You:

    A calm mind brings better opportunities for introspection as well as an improved outlook on other people’s behaviors. This course can be especially good for those that live, sleep, and breathe work. It helps you understand yourself better.

  • 5. Overcome Emotional Pain:

    Emotional pain like losing a loved one or a breakup can take down the best of us. Overwhelming pain can mislead us into making mistakes that affect our future. It is important to let go of the pain and deal with it in due time to improve our own mental and physical health. Our breathwork counseling course can help you find yourself again.

  • 6. Lower Anxiety Level:

    The inability to understand our thoughts and behaviors can lead to a spiked anxiety level. Breathwork can help you take a minute necessary into healing yourself enough to overcome irrational feelings of anxiety and maintain peace even in stressful situations.

Breathwork Techniques


Our Breathwork courses are for both Experienced and Beginners. We guide you to hold space for individuals couples and groups of people. When we lose our ego and judgment, we create space for freedom. Join us and create freedom in your life, freedom to live a life you choose.


We are calling on all the beautiful and conscious souls to join our Nalu Ohana and find your purpose in life through breathwork and bodywork.

When you let go of all things that are not helping you, you create more space for healing and happiness in your heart.

Better communication with a clear mind and calm soul is the way to resolve most of the issues in any relationship. You can participate in this therapy to learn how to manage conflict resolution in a group environment.