About Us

When you love what you do, you never work a day in life!

Nalu Breathwork gently and effectively takes you on a journey, “on your own healing journey” where you get to experience those deep feelings of inner peace, joy and freedom.
Jen creates a safe space for people to learn this Heart based style of breathwork.
Once you have been on your own healing journey, you can then share this and create that ripple effect throughout your community, create your own soul tribe.                Jen currently offers breathwork retreats in Australia and soon to be in Thailand and Uk and also a straight forward online training course to be a breathwork facilitator, which is in 22 practical lessons, where you get to experience a full weekend training retreat via videos.


Jen is the founder of Nalu Breathwork and Nalu Massage Training.She started her journey back in the Uk over 25 years ago where she studied to be a Clinical Aromatherapist and Reflexologist.

Jen first experienced the power and transformation of Breathwork on the island of Maui – Hawaii whilst doing a mastership in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi healing work. Unexpectedly and gratefully Jen experienced a massive shift and transformation which took her from a stage in her life of grieving for the last 10 years to feeling free, content, and joyful again. This gave Jen the knowledge that she wanted to share this powerful transforming work with others and help others change their life.

Jen has dedicated most of her life to transforming the lives of people for the better with massage and healing work and she now aims to help others do the same for their communities.

Helping you find your soul tribe and help your local community to experience optimum health and well-being with the power of breath.



Calling all conscious souls to join the Nalu Tribe and find your true purpose in life with the art of breathwork and bodywork.

Jen has experienced Breathwork for herself on a daily basis and has used the “Ha” breath (the breath of life) in her Hawaiian teachings for the last 12 years. She now invites you to change your life and start to help those around you.

Jen invites you to share breathwork with your community and find your soul tribe. Her mission is to share Breathwork and all that it gives to as many people here in Australia and around the world, So they can improve their live’s and the lives of the people around them.

We invite you to journey together to unleash any stuck energy which may be causing distance or issues in your relationships, your friendships and work. Issues in relationships can be, lack of communication, lack of love, illness, feelings of resentment, unprocessed emotions, lack of understanding, unresolved past hurt, and so much more.

Your Breath is one of the most healing and forgotten about daily rituals. When we start to consciously breathe we start to take charge of our own lives and our own health When we take time out to consciously breathe we allow our mind and body to rest, creating a sense of calm and this also allows the mind and body to start to heal.Jen knows the benefit only too well, after she spent 10 years of her life grieving and feeling lost she made the transformation in her life and for those around her with breathwork and Lomi Lomi.

By releasing what is not serving you, such as releasing any grief you may be storing, allows your mind and body space to heal and transform.

By experiencing and introducing certain breathwork techniques into
your daily life you can start to live a life you have dreamed of, a life you thought was not possible for you! It happened for me, so I know it can happen for you too!

Jen created Nalu Breathwork initially for massage therapists and healers, its based on a number of techniques and styles and gives a gentle but very effective way off healing. She now shares her knowledge and experience in a gentle but effective nurturing way to all.

Breathwork is especially powerful in helping you if you have suffered grieving or have felt like you have lost your purpose in life or if you would like to invite in more love, more aloha and more joy into tour life. Our of you would like to guide others to relies these feelings.

When we allow the mind and body to flow we can experience great feelings of joy and euphoria and it has been known for some people to experience the release of DMT as is possible with gamma brainwaves and cerebrospinal fluid. Gamma brainwaves are associated with states of deep meditation, heightened awareness, and higher brain functions. Hence these feelings of great joy and sense of calm, bliss, nervada!

Start a new life experience and enjoy the feelings of love, new life force energy, new purpose, new direction and renewed health. If you would like to see change in your life then your breath can set you free and help you to make that change.

By incorporating a daily ritual of easy, effective techniques you can create that change you have always dreamed about. Releasing the pain that as held you back and creating space in the mind and body
to move forward. To help you feel acceptance, love and joy again, and live a life you deserve.

Jen invites you to join her for workshops, online training teacher training courses or her three day transforming Breathwork Teacher training retreats. Take back your “Mana” and live a life you deserve!


It is important to make the right choice when choosing where to learn. We are happy to tell you that we are an IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) approved family. IICT is recognized in over 35 countries which includes Australia, the UK, and the USA. In addition to that, you can access the reviews left by our past trainees and learn from them what their experience was like. We are happy to provide you with any information that you may need before choosing to start this journey with us.

Breathe together Heal together!

Create Your Own Breathwork Business:

Breathwork training program how to set up your own healing business. We guide you in the steps to take, to get yourself out there and start building your heart 💜 felt business. We provide logos, photos, and posts for social media along with useful info for marketing your new business. We guide you to use all the equipment you may need for live events and workshops. Also included are years of our themes for different Breathwork sessions, giving you a head start.

Self-Paced Learning:

We offer a breathwork facilitator training program as a self-paced training course. You can drop in on classes any time you want which gives you control over your own time. Each course that we teach is delivered by live video training from our retreats which gives you the option of learning at your leisure. We hold monthly Q and A sessions, and you also gain access to our recorded as well as live breathwork workshops and classes. Our self-paced learning is centered around the idea of helping you maintain control over your schedule in a fast-paced world today.

Professional Breathwork Training:

We provide an opportunity to learn breathwork from experienced therapists with over 25 years of industry experience.

Full Body Massage Courses

Internationally Trained Breathwork Facilitator:

Our breathwork facilitators have been trained in different techniques from different parts of the world.

Internationally Accredited Training Courses:

Nalu breathwork is an internationally accredited breathwork practice it is one of the very few that are internationally acknowledged for their healing uses. Most of the 12 training programs are accredited to IICT standards. We provide a safe and professional environment to train in breathwork and we have a professional approach to teaching breathwork online as well. By receiving training from us, you can take your paying customers, and hold workshops, events, women’s circles, and healing circles. Our training is like an insurance for your authenticity as well. You also have the option to join our association and be recognized as a trained breathwork facilitator teacher.


If you cannot join our face to face retreats you need not worry! We provide online accredited training also!


Breathwork Advanced Course

Advanced breathwork is a course conducted over three months where we teach extensive breathwork techniques to help deal with deeper pain.

Breathwork Through Menopause

This course is especially to help women that are going through menopause so they can understand their bodies better and listen to their needs. Breathwork therapy is scientifically proven to be the best natural menopause treatment.

Breathwork for Massage Therapist

We offer a breathwork course exclusively for massage therapists to learn. People with existing professional massage training can benefit greatly from breathwork in their personal as well as professional lives.


We are calling on all the beautiful and conscious souls to join our Nalu Ohana and find your purpose in life through breathwork and bodywork.

When you let go of all things that are not helping you, you create more space for healing and happiness in your heart.