Breathwork can do wonders in managing the stress of day-to-day life, but it is also one of the most underappreciated forms of stress management. We provide various types of healing breathwork exercises for singles, couples and groups. We also provide breathwork mentoring for our trainees and clients. Breathwork can help you bring emotional control, a better immune system, and overcome pain as well as insomnia prevention. Breathwork has recognized healing properties that can be especially helpful when going through a hard time in life.


Our vision here at Nalu Breathwork and Massage Training centre is to help people take back and own their power. 

We help you find your light and let it shine brightly, helping others on a daily basis with heart based healing breathwork. 

Our founder and trainer Jen, struggled with grief and pain for over 10 years of her life. 

When she discovered Breathwork whilst travelling in Hawaii, she went from healing her self to knowing that she could help others on their healing journey.

Jen now teaches Breathwork and runs retreats in Australia and Europe and soon to be in Thailand and USA.

Our mission is to guide and support you, on your own healing journey and guide you to tap into your own heart space, so that you can teach and run heart based workshops, retreats and breathwork sessions. 

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Types of Breathwork We Provide

Share, heal and nurture by releasing your stress and inviting balance, love, and support into your life!

1. Couple’s Breathwork:

You can use this couple’s massage to heal yourself and any negative energy that may be getting in between the two by working together and breathing together. Couples’ breathwork works for all relationships including friends, family, or significant others. The communication problems as well as problems regarding illness and mental health can be overcome using this technique since it allows you to release your negative thoughts and your negative energy healthily.


2. One-On-One Breathwork:

Breathwork can be just as useful in a one-on-one session. It is the most overlooked part of any person’s daily routine. For instance:
⦁ Breathing consciously using helpful breathwork technique can help us take charge of our own lives.
⦁ Focusing on our breathing creates a sense of calm and control over our lives.
⦁ Conscious circular breathing techniques allow your body to relax and release stress. It can do wonders to calm down your soul.
⦁ Working through grief can be difficult for the best of us even with the support of our loved ones. Breathwork can be helpful in healthily working through grief.
⦁ It is easier to fulfill the needs of our body when we better understand ourselves. Figuring out where you store the grief can be a sure way to reduce stress with massage.
⦁ Learning one-on-one breathwork brings introspection. Understanding oneself better can provide better opportunities for moving towards positivity and healing.

Massage Therapist

3. Breathwork Healing In Groups:

Practicing breathwork as a group for spiritual healing practice for you. This proves fruitful in following ways:
⦁ Breathwork therapy technique can be useful in helping entire families in overcoming some traumatic events together.
⦁ By participating in this therapy in a group, you can learn about how to improve relationships with the people that you are close to.
⦁ You will acquire a better understanding of the people around you. You can learn to love and let go of things instead of holding on to old wounds. Healing breathwork practice can be exactly what you need.
⦁ You can become a certified therapist and hold group classes for massage therapy yourself.

International Breathtraining School


We offer retreats in beautiful locations to aid you in taking a moment away from the hassles of busy days and just healing yourself in the moment for the duration. Some features and exercises included are:

Step 1: We implore you to breathe for yourself and give yourself a moment to acknowledge your pain.

Step 2: Once you have acknowledged the pain, we guide you to understand your pain to overcome it.

Step 3: Our retreats are designed in small groups where an attitude of love and understanding is promoted towards each other.

Step 4: When we understand our pain, it gets easier to accept the pains of others too.

How It Works:

"Breathe in Deeply To Bring the mind home to the body" by Thich nhat Hanh!

Creating your own breathwork retreat is a gift to your soul tribe, a gift to your community. When we embrace the breath and start to share with others, we are part of a global movement. We are creating a ripple effect in our communities and the world. This is when the magic happens!
Over the years of sharing breathwork, lomi lomi and massage bodywork, I've had the greatest pleasure of witnessing people find their true purpose in life. When we can guide people on their journey with breathwork, we are witnessing change, this is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give.

  • Step 1:

    Find your purpose in life with breathwork and healing

  • Step 2:

    Share your knowledge of breathwork and healing with others

  • Step 3:

    Notice the change around you and your community

  • Step 4:

    Find you true soul people that share your love of life

  • Step 5:

    Live a life of love and aloha every day, creating a better place on earth.

Full Body Massage Courses


Our breathwork courses are for both experienced and beginners. We guide you to hold space for individuals, couples and groups of people. When we loose the ego and judgement, we create space for Freedom. Join us and create freedom in your life, freedom to live a life you choose!

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We are calling on all the beautiful and conscious souls to Make Change And Share Breathwork With Your Community!

When you let go of all things that are not helping you, you create more space for healing and happiness in your heart.

Fear does not go away by itself, you have to confront your fear, mould it, then learn to control it in its own irrational reality. By Win Hoff The Iceman